Understanding Different Types Of Washing Or Disinfecting Methods For Factories

There are many ways industries or warehouses do maintenance of their premises. They type of work that is being done in the factory will determine the type of cleaning that will be required. Based on the situation and usage of your facility you can decide whether you need intensive maintenance or just a basic surface clean.

Intensive Maintenance

When you keep using your manufacturing plant or warehouse it is bound to get dirty. Dust and residue from items stored or the manufacturing process can collect on many surfaces such as the floor or even machinery. These can cause machinery to breakdown or even attract pests like rats to the premises, which is not a good thing for business. Some environments tend to get dirty soon while others will take longer so you need to determine how often you will need to hire an industrial floor cleaner.Intensive maintenance can take some time, so you need to set aside some time from your work schedule to get this done. This means you will not have any work taking place or no materials being stored at the facility. Alternatively you can take sections of the facility separately and carryout the maintenance work in batches as well.

Basic day to day maintenance

Since intensive maintenance take time, it is best to have basic regular maintenance be done as well. This can be carried out either by the in house staff or you have to outsource it to a janitorial service company as well. How often this takes place with industrial floor sweepers, or other in-house staff depend on the type of work you do and the nature of the facility. If the machinery creates, a lot of debris during the manufacturing process or if you have a lot f outside visitors such as suppliers visiting the place, then you may have to clean the place more frequently than normal. A really cluttered place does not really inspire confidence be it your customers or your clients.

Type of washing

Whether it is intensive or basic cleaning, there are two main methods used with water, one is called pressure washing while the other is called power washing. Both are kind of the same but there are some differences. Both methods use water pushed out with extreme pressure while the power cleaning method uses heat as well. So whatever option you chose it is important that you take in to consideration the facility you work in and the employees that work there. A clean and safe environment is always very good for all so it is one of your responsibilities to invest in regular and intensive cleaning so you can increase productivity and help employees work better in a clean and safe environment.