What Is Engraved On Cemetery Stones?

There is no life that won’t touch the taste of death. Every living being is bound to die and every non-living thing is meant to end. According to the most of religions, believers have the belief that the world will also have its own end and everything will turn in to ashes. So, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this world and everything present in this world is eternal. After a person dies, or after any tragic incident happen where we lose lot of human lives then this person or this incident is commemorated in different ways. One of which is by engraving the quotation related to the incident or the saying that was loved by the dead person on the tomb of a grave or on any memorial plaque. The headstones or tombstones that we see on graves identify the grave of a person. All of these head stones, memorial plaques and grave stones are built by the stonemasons. Stone mason is the person who transforms the shape of stone or other such elements in different geometrical shapes like statues. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that what is engraved on cemetery stones.  Visit this link https://www.lodgebros.com.au/accessories/signage-and-plaques/ for more info on memorial plaques.

Stone mason:

Stone mason is the professional who has the experience of transforming stone, marble, porcelain and other such material in the form of specific shapes. They are professional in crafting stones into different shapes and sizes. All of the statues, headstones, gravestones, memorial plaques or other such stone engraved objects that we see are built by the stone masons. Cemetery stones are also crafted and engraved by stone masons. These cemetery stones can be categorised into various types like grave stones, head stones and cemetery marker.

What is engraved on cemetery stones?

Good cemetery stones are the stones that are specifically crafted to be placed on graves. These cemetery stones become the identification of a person. The head stone is the erect form of cemetery stone while the grave marker is the kind of cemetery stone that is not in the erect position. Two of the common things that are engraved in every cemetery stone are the name of a dead person and his date of birth and death. Besides that, some people like to engrave the special memory in the form of a quotation while there are some such cemetery stones that describe the relation of dead individual with his loved ones as well.


Cemetery stones are the stones that are placed on the head of graves. These stones become the identification of a grave. It has the name of a dead person written on it along with his date of birth and death. Besides that, some people like to engrave relatable quotation and the relation of the dead individual which he used to have with his loved ones on the cemetery stone. “Lodge bros” are the professional stone masons who craft the best quality of cemetery stones.