The Right Time To Switch From Breastmilk To Formula For Baby

Being a mother is hard, even though no one admits and just highlight all the positives but yes, motherhood is hard. These hardships become a struggle for all the first time mommies especially. No one prepares you for long nights and cluster feeding sessions throughout the night. No one prepares you for all the scars and body changes. These things cannot be explained and only can be experienced. When motherhood takes its toll on mothers body and mind, after approximately a year one settles down. Then comes the next struggle, the struggle of choosing what is right for your baby and whatnot. World health organization strictly endorse that every child should be breastfed ideally for two years and at least for a year. This period is monumental for children’s mental and physical development and breastmilk has all the necessary nutrients for infant’s development.

After a year many mothers start to look for milk in formula for baby as it also serves the purpose of nourishment. Selecting the best formula for baby is the number one concern for every mother as there are countless formulas available in market for this purpose. The formula for baby is made only according to the WHO’s approved list of nutrients and vitamins. This formula milk serves the purpose of supplements and are loaded with multivitamins. Baby should be given breastmilk for a year at least and after that gradually shifted to milk formula for baby. We know that market is filled with formula milks and selecting the right one for your little bubba is very important. Other important things that matter in this regard is to make sure that your selected milk formula for baby suits him or her.

Few things that should be considered a=during switching your baby from breastmilk to formula milk are mentioned below.

  • Appropriate age

Please make sure that you breastfeed your baby at least for a year if your medical conditions allows. Till one year breastmilk is enough for nutrition of the baby and should be preferred. You should switch to milk formula for baby after a year ideally. After a year a child’s digestive system is developed and can easily digest other things.

  • Baby led weening

Before weening your child off breastmilk you should do proper research in this regard. A very helpful method of weening is baby led weaning where you allow your child to start nibbling and teething on semi-solid food. Once they start accepting the finger food, you can gradually ween him off of breastmilk and the transition will be comparatively smooth.

  • Allergies

Please make sure before getting any baby or infant formula that your child is free from any allergies. Many children have gluten allergy or calcium doesn’t suit’s them. It is better to get specialized formula for baby according to his needs.