Weddings Topics – Are You Aware Of What Is Going On?

Are you getting ready for your wedding or trying to help with someone else’s? Do you know what sort of things need to be planned and what has to be avoided? What are the main “wedding topics” you need to get yourself familiarized with?


Money is a main wedding topic. Of course, a wedding is a cost; in a small way it can be an investment as some tend to present you with money instead of material gifts. But depending on what you might get is a dangerous thing. Instead, plan on what you are planning to spend. It is important you are also clear and open about spending habits of each other; you need to discuss and come to an agreement about the spending on the wedding too. Some prefer gold foil invitations, door gifts, expensive photo shoots and the whole nine yards. Some others might not be interested in all that but agree to plan a simple event.


This is a wedding topic which might start arguments… such as “why do you get to invite so many people and I don’t?” Don’t get caught in petty disagreements as such. Sit down and decide the total number of guests you want or the exact number the venue can accommodate. It is not a good practice to choose a venue for hundred and invite two hundred, expecting one fifty to turn up hoping the hall will somehow be able to fit them in. Only a certain percentage of invitees will actually be present, true, but you cannot bank on that whole fact and just over-invite people. Also, so as to not to have friction, notify parents of both sides early how many can be accommodated. Remind them by no means the space can be expanded.

Bachelor parties?

If you are looking to not to waste money, perhaps this can be something you can overlook. Unless a friend or a group of friends offer to conduct it for you and pay as well! Especially if you have a separate party complete with engagement party invites and a celebration as a pre-wedding event, the cost might just exceed than you have thought. Unless you plan properly and put everything in a balance sheet to check how much you are actually spending. If your parents are able and willing to pay for everything you can probably indulge a little. Still a month long honeymoon in the tropics sound way better than wasting money on various parties and celebrations on just one day. Whatever said and done, it is the two of you who have to live after all the celebrations. So give priority to that life-after than a single day.